T-Shirt Printing Vs. Other Types Of Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing, sometimes called silk screening, is the process in which a piece of artwork is etched onto a screen and ink is then pushed through the screen with a squeegee onto the garment. That is the short version, but in reality there is much more that takes place behind the scene.

To begin, the artwork is separated into colors and each color is printed in black ink onto a transparency sheet. Then a screen made up of a aluminum or wood frame with stretched silk mesh is coated with a liquid substance called emulsion. The emulsion is applied to both sides of the screen and set aside to dry in a dark room, since emulsion is light sensitive. Once dry, the transparency is applied to the back of the screen and then the screen is “shot”. Shooting the screen means applying a UV light to the bottom of the screen which exposes the emulsion and hardens it. In the meantime all areas that are covered with black ink (through the transparency) remain unexposed. Then the screen is washed and all the “unexposed” areas wash away leaving just the silk mesh in those areas. This process is repeated over and over for every color in the printing job. Then screens are then dried and brought over to the press to get ready for printing. Ink is then pushed through the screen with a squeegee onto the garment. After that a small run through the conveyor dryer and the garment is ready for wearing.

Who screen prints?

Screen printing clothing is actually a growing business in the United States since there is always a demand for printed t-shirts and other apparel. So with that said there are many t-shirt printing shops around the country, but screen printing is not just for the t-shirt printing business. Screen printing is used to print various items (with other types of inks) such as your pots and pans, posters, glass and much more.

T-shirt and other garment screen printing:

As I always say there is plenty of demand for custom printed apparel, therefor there are plenty of t-shirt screen printing business around the country. Think about it everywhere you turn, every business you walk into the staff is almost always in uniform and those need to be printed somehow. With screen printing that is easily achieved. Typically the business owner decides on a specific design, shirt color etc. and the screen printing company does the rest.

Screen printing on glass and other items:

Did you know that the print on underneath your pot is screen printed? Or the instructions on the cover of your Optimum remote is screen printed as well? Well yes these items are screen printed. People always tend to think that screen printing is only for clothing, but in reality and surface can be screen printed with the right inks and equipment. I have many items being screen printed and printed on many different presses. I have even seen presses that were rigged specifically for an item. For example, there was this one company that rigged their press to hold a tall cup and the pallet that held the cup was able to spin so as the squeegee pushes the ink the cup turns and the print is able to wrap around.

Screen printing as an art:

Another reason for screen printing, a bit less common, is using screen printing for art. There are artists that use screen printing to print large posters and wild graphics onto paper and card stock. Also there are many colleges and universities that offer a screen printing class. Learning screen printing in school is much different then using it out in the field. That is why when we receive resume’s where the only screen printing experience is in school we tend to not hire the candidate. The students learn screen printing in the art form, screen printing on t-shirts in a large production area is very fast paced and much more industrial then what is thaught in school.

Big Bang Screen Printing is a T-shirt printing company in New York. We specialize in screen printing on t-shirts and various other apparel types.

Custom T-Shirts & Their Effect: H&M Breaks The Internet

Custom T-Shirts & Their Effect: H&M Breaks The Internet

Making a custom t-shirt (hoodie or other custom apparel) is a pretty common thing nowadays, since there is always a use for customized shirts. Every other person is looking to make their own clothing line, customize a shirt for an event, customize shirts for their company or make custom shirts for their school trip. As an owner of a T-shirt printing company I’ve seen shirts being made for many different reasons and occasions.

Sports Team Uniform Printing

One common reason for making custom t-shirts, or other custom apparel if for local sports team and leagues. Manny of the smaller non corporate leagues give away a t-shirt with the team information printed, rather than a jersey, when signing up. This is because for a nice jersey with a custom print they might spend $12 per unit versus a t-shirt where they might spend $5-$6 each shirt. They are able to maximized their profit and usually the players on the teams don’t really care since the shirt ends up becoming pajamas after the season is over. In New York, where we are located, there are many social leagues who order custom t-shirts from us for their players. Some of the leagues include S3 Leagues and NYC Social League which are a great way for people to go out be social and enjoy their favorite sport at the same time.

Business and Corporate Uniform Printing 

Another very common reason for customers to make custom t-shirts is for their business  as uniforms for their employees and colleagues. Look around you any store you walk into, or any restaurant you eat at you will see staff in apparel that was most probably custom printed. By putting all staff in a uniform the establishment looks more professional. Since there are so many companies and businesses around today there is a great need for custom t shirts in this aspect.

Clothing Lines Custom Printing

Another reason, but less common, reason for making a batch of custom t-shirts is to start your own clothing line. This is actually a difficult thing to do, since most of the customers looking to do this only think about creating the line, not actually the means of how to sell it. But nonetheless we still get many phone calls from customers who are looking to start their own line and want to make custom t shirts

Custom T-Shirts For Retail Stores

Like uniforms, there is a big demand for custom t-shirts in the retail stores market. If you walk into any store like Gap, Target, Walmart and H&M you will absolutely see different versions of custom t-shirts for sale. if you think about it what is happening is the stores are actually making their own “clothing line” and selling it through their stores. They even go as far as having their own private label printed on the inner part of the shirt by the neck area. There is a large demand for custom shirts in retail stores and this is probably since customers need clothing, so why not wear something trendy. Well, this is what H&M figured when they decided to come up with a “trendy” custom hoodie this past week.

H&M Breaks The Internett-shirt-printing-company-in-ny

This week H&M added to their website a custom hoodie for kids and did not realize the effect it would cause all over the internet. The sweatshirt (seen on the right) reads “COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE” and is modeled by an African American child. The sweatshirt alone would not be offensive, but the fact that they used an African American kid to model it on their website really caused a big controversy online because it’s insinuating that the African Americans are the coolest monkeys in the jungle. This was obviously rude and very offensive; eventually though H&M issued an apology for this and removed the product from their website.


Big Bang Screen Printing is a T-shirt printing company in New York which specializes in custom t-shirts and other custom printed apparel.

Benefits of Professional Screen Printing

Benefits of Professional Screen Printing


Many not for profit organizations make the decision to utilize t-shirts for various reasons. For example, these organizations might make the decision to utilize t-shirts as a means of promoting their mission. Other organizations may elect to obtain t-shirts as a fundraising device.

If you are part of a not for profit organization, that has elected to utilize t-shirts for one reason or another, you may find yourself with a number of questions. One question that you might have is whether or not you should select professional screen printing to create customized t-shirts for your nonprofit. In fact, there are a number of significant benefits that can be realized through the use of a professional screen printer in the creation of t-shirts for your nonprofit.

Screen Printing is Flexible

One of the reasons that you will want to take a close look at going the screen printing route to create t-shirts for your nonprofit is found in the fact that it is a flexible process. By this it is meant that you can engage a professional screen printer and ultimately realize virtually any design concept that you might have in mind. When it comes to creating custom designed t-shirts, professional screen printing permits you the greatest deal of flexibility for the most creative, unique, and vibrant graphics.

Screen Printing is Fast

As is oftentimes the case, your nonprofit may have found itself in need of t-shirts, for one reason or another, in a very short period of time. This need underscores another of the benefits associated with professional screen printing. Screen printing is fast.

Alternative printing methods can take quite an extended period of time from concept creation to project completion. That is not the case with professional screen printing. Even a relatively large job involving custom designed t-shirts can be completed within the time period of a week or two.

Screen Printing is Versatile

The focus of this discussion is on screen printing for custom t-shirts for a nonprofit. With that noted, screen printing is a versatile technique.

Because screen printing is versatile, you are able to arrange for an array of different types of products that are emblazoned with a custom graphic design. For example, in addition to obtaining custom t-shirts for your not for profit organization through a screen printing professional, you can obtain other items as well. These include caps, bags, jackets, and an array of other types of items, including different types of apparel.

This versatility is particularly useful if a screen printed design is intended to be use as part of a fundraising or promotional effort. Your nonprofit is able to get larger quantities of multiple types of items, all emblazoned with the same dynamic graphic or design.

Screen Printing is Affordable

There are some printing techniques that prove to be expensive. Such is not the case with professional screen printing in most cases. Indeed, one of the benefits of professional screen printing is that the larger your order, the lower the overall cost will be for your project.

You may be wondering what is considered a larger order when it comes to professional screen printing with an eye to lowering costs. Generally speaking, if you are interested in ordering custom designed t-shirts via a professional screen printer, if you do order 50 or more shirts, you are likely to start to see a significant price break.

Screen Printing Provides High Quality Results

You want the best, even when it comes to t-shirts for your nonprofit organization. You simply do not want something that lacks solid quality or looks cheap.

The screen printing process delivers crisp, vibrant results. Thanks to the way screen printing works, you end up with well defined, attractive graphics. This proves to be the case not matter the underlying color of t-shirt an image or design is being printed.

Supplemental Orders are a Breeze

A final benefit associated with the professional t-shirt printing company printing shirts is that reordering or doing a so-called second run of them is a breeze. Once the initial design is created, and the screen made, multiple runs can be made of the t-shirts for an indefinite period of time. You need not worry about having to go back and retool or even start the project from scratch. You can be ready to print an additional order of shirts any time in the future on moment’s notice. Indeed, a professional screen printer will be able to store your screen design as long as you think you might have a need for it.


Jessica Kane is a writer for 777Sign, a leading provider of wholesale advertising flags, banners, tablecloths, and more.


The Benefits of Using a Professional T-shirt Printing Company in NY & NJ

The Benefits of Using a Professional T-shirt Printing Company in New Jersey


You may have found yourself in need of t-shirts for your business, professional organization, other type of group, or for some other reason. If that is the case, you may also find yourself with an array of questions and concerns.

The fact is that if you are in need of customized t-shirts for one reason or another, you need to take a serious look at engaging the services of a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey. You can enjoy a number of important benefits by engaging the assistance of a t-shirt printing professional in the state of New Jersey.


A primary benefit you can realize through the engagement of a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey is reliability. By using a professional, you can rest assured that you will obtain a quality product, produced in a timely manner.

In many instances, when the decision is made to utilize t-shirts, you may have a short or specific timeframe in which you must have them on hand. You cannot afford to have a deadline missed.

Through the use of a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey you access a provider that is experienced at meeting deadlines. You will not lose sleep worrying that your project will not be completed on schedule.

Customer Service and Consultation

On a related note, another benefit that can be derived from utilizing the services of a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey is found in the area of customer service and consultation. The reality is that if you are like most people in need of t-shirt printing for one reason or another, you likely don’t have a significant depth of experience in this area. You do not have a wealth of information about the ins and outs of t-shirt printing.

You may be like many business owners, or individuals associated with some sort of organization, that has a basic idea of what you would like to see in the way of printed t-shirts, but you really am not certain how to get from point A to point B. This reality underscores how a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey can be of vital assistance to you from word go.

A skilled, experienced, professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey will arrange an initial consultation with you. During an initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to present what you have in mind for t-shirts. A t-shirt printing professional will be able to work with you to fully flesh out your concept. A t-shirt printing pro will work in partnership with you to realize the vision you have for a t-shirt.

The consultation process can include taking your design idea and turning it into something concrete. The consultation can also include determining the specific type of t-shirt is appropriate for your job, including fabric content.

An initial consultation with a professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey can also include the development of a design and production process that meets your budgetary needs and goals. There is a great deal of latitude when it comes to pricing and printed t-shirts. You can adjust the project to meet budgetary considerations through the selection of fabric and an array of other options.


As noted a moment ago, you will find during a consultation that you do have some flexibility when it comes to budgeting associated with a printed t-shirt endeavor. By engaging a professional in the first instance, you already have opened the door to the best pricing options.

A professional t-shirt printing company in New Jersey purchases t-shirts of different types for client projects in bulk. In addition, all other supplies necessary to craft custom made t-shirts are also purchased in bulk, including ink. Therefore, even before you commence the consultation process, you already are working with a provider that has on hand what is needed for a t-shirt printing project at a highly reasonable price in the first instance.


In the final analysis, a custom made t-shirt is an extension of your business, your organization, your brand. Therefore, you must have a quality customized t-shirt when all is said and done.

By going the professional route when it comes to the design and production of your customized t-shirts, you can be well assured that the final product will be a quality one. You will be able to have confidence in knowing that the t-shirts you have crafted and created will well represent your business, organization, or brand on all levels.



Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for Checkworks.com, where you can get personal checks and business checks.

Screen Printing and Nonprofit Fundraising

Screen Printing and Nonprofit Fundraising

If your not for profit organization in New Jersey, or elsewhere, is interested in enhancing money generated from fundraising activities, you should take a close look at the benefits of screen printing in this regard. There are a variety of ways in which screen printing can enhance your fundraising return.


Screen Printing and Fundraising Events


One area in which screen printing can be invaluable when it comes to nonprofit fundraising in New Jersey, and elsewhere for that matter, is in regard to events designed to raise money. During the course of any given year, a typical individual will be hit up with innumerable invitations to charitable or fundraising events. Thus, in order for an event to be successful, it must standout from the pack.


Screen printing can be invaluable in the development and creation of items to be associated with a fundraising event. These items can be utilized as a means to promote and advertise a fundraising event. In addition, different items created through the screen printing process can be utilized to reward people who support a fundraising event in one way or another.


Examples of what can be utilized in this regard are shirts and other apparel items that come complete with images associated with the fundraising event. Indeed, a spectrum of different items from shirts, to caps, to jackets or hoodies are all possibilities.


Screen Printing and Fundraising Items to Sell


Screen printing can also be utilized to create and print different items that can be sold to support a nonprofit organization. For example, screen printed shirts can be created and sold to support a charitable endeavor. As a matter of fact, the full spectrum of apparel items that can be subjected to the screen printing process can be ideal items of merchandise available for sale in order to support a nonprofit organization.


As an aside, these items can also be developed and made available to individuals who make donations at different giving levels. If a person donates a certain amount of money to a nonprofit organization, that individual will receive a cap, shirt, hoodie, or some other appropriate clothing item that has been screen printed.


Screen Printing and Nonprofit Public Relations


Battling for dollars is a major task of not for profit organizations in this day and age. The competition for limited donor dollars can prove to be intense. As a result, a not for profit organization needs to come up with and maintain ways to market and promote what it is doing. This reality represents another way in which screen printed items can be beneficial to a nonprofit organization.


Screen printing can be utilized to develop a wide range of items that can become component parts of a coordinated public relations efforts. These items can includes shirts, caps, and a full range of different types of apparel items.


One concept is to come up with a unique campaign each year. The campaign theme, concept, and image can be distilled into a design that readily can be screen printed on different items, including apparel.


Each year a different them or concept can be developed. In the end, a nonprofit organization can develop screen printed items each year that become sought after by supporters of the not for profit entity. Indeed, it is even possible that the screen printed items created by a charity become something of collectors items with each passing year.


Screen Printing and Awarding Volunteers and Donors


Volunteers and donors are invaluable to a nonprofit organization. Volunteers and donors really can be considered the right and left lungs of a not for profit organization.


The reality is that finding meaningful ways in which to honor these crucial individuals can be very challenging. Awarding these key individuals necessitates giving something that is appropriate in a number of different ways. Something designed to honor a volunteer or donor needs to be substantial enough to have at least some value. On the other hand, it cannot be extravagant or an organization can be perceived as not being wise or responsible stewards of its resources.


Recognizing the efforts and achievements for volunteers and donors can be well accomplished, in any instances, through the utilization of screen printed items of different types. As in other situations, these various items can include the full spectrum of apparel items that can be subjected to the screen printing process. Through screen printing a business can obtain quality items perfectly suitable to honor the team at a price that finds a nonprofit organization’s budget.



Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage a leading company that provides Internet fax service for individuals and businesses.

What Do Screen Printers Do During The “Slow Season”?

Screen Printing Companies Around New York “Slow Season”

There are many screen printing companies around the United States and plenty of those are located in or around New York City. Some may be on the larger side and others a bit smaller, like us, but almost all the screen printing shop experience a so called “down time”. Since it typically gets really cold out in New York around November / December and starts getting warmer around March, our slow season is December, January and February. There are many reasons it tends to slow down such as customers being preoccupied with Holidays, but I think the one that sticks out the most for me is the temperature. During the summer and spring, it is warm enough our for people to wear t-shirts and this is the season where many walks and fundraisers are held. In addition, schools go on trips, camps are in session and people are generally in a much better mood – therefore there is more of a demand for printed t-shirts and other apparel. Towards the end of the summer, September and October, people start to gear down for winter and usually place an order for their hoodies and sweatshirts. This usually leaves the later winter months a bit slower.

So what do you do during the slow season you might ask? You can’t just give your whole team off, otherwise who is to say they would ever come back to you when you need them? Also, you have to remember they depend on you to make a living, so you kind of have to keep paying them, no?

Time to maintenance your machines:

During the slow season, I tend to see around most screen printing shops that owners and employees organize and clean up the shop. Screen printing looks simple from the outside, but many don’t know that there is a lot of maintenance, organization and cleaning that goes in as well. For example, our M&R Diamondback Screen Printing Press is supposed to be cleaned and put through maintenance every two weeks, but when you are busy during the peak of your season this tends not to happen every two weeks. So what you end up doing is leaving the machine dirty (by dirty I mean with ink splatters and residue throughout the print heads) and just add lubricant to the machine to keep it running. So now that there is some free time on your hands, it might be a good idea to take some rags to the machines and really clean it well. The more you maintain your machine, the longer the machine will last. Today alone I personally collected enough dust from our shop to fill an entire plastic shopping bag!

Time to organize your shop:

Like me, I am sure most screen printers tend to order a few extra pieces of an items when ordering goods for orders. I need 72 larges for an order, but I would usually order 75 of them and think in my head “It’s a white shirt, we always use white”. But at the end of the year you end up with boxes full of extra perfectly good merchandise. So now that there is some down time you might as well organize the goods, inventory them and try to get rid of them. There is nothing greater then the feeling of selling goods to a customer that was paid for a while ago. This will also free up lots of dead space around your shop.

Seek more business:

So it’s slow and you just sit back, relax and wait for business to pick up again? No, that is the wrong way of thinking about it. What needs to be done is search for new account and more business. It’s cold in New York, so why not target a new market in Florida or somewhere a little warmer. Better yet, put on a suit and tie and walk the streets, walk into business and socialize in effort to gain more business. It’s better to be proactive and go out, rather than sit back and wait for it to come to you.

Sell online:orgasm donor ladies thong

Another great idea is to start selling online. Online selling is a full year round business, so why not take this down time and start an online marketing campaign. You can either start a line and sell it individually by piece, or work on an online marketing campaign to “sell” your services to new customers. As you can see with these “Orgasm Donor Thongs“, we chose to make a line and sell the items online.


Screen printing in New York is a large business, but like all business there is a slow season for us too. Take advantage of this time to excel your business and push it to its potential!


Screen Printing CrossFit T-Shirts & Other Gear

Screen Printing CrossFit T-Shirts & Other Apparel

CrossFit is a type of workout routine that has been trending in the recent years and largely grown as well. Everywhere I turn I see another CrossFit, especially in New York. Currently we screen print CrossFit t-shirts, tank tops and hoodies for many CrossFit gyms around Brooklyn New York, but also around the world and I love doing so!

Why I love screen printing CrossFit t-shirts?

First of all, I love printing t-shirts for all customers – so don’t get me wrong here. But in regards to CrossFit gear you have to look at who will be wearing the merchandise. I have to say that I have never seen a niche so excited over their gear and so supportive over the gear. We screen print for many gyms all over and I don’t see any gym that sells as much merchandise as I see when we print for CrossFit gyms. That is because the members are very supportive and love to rock the gear. If you look at CrossFit Steed located in Brooklyn for example, we designed some nice raglan t-shirts for them for their 1 year anniversary They listed it on their website and literally overnight they sold it to over 100 members! I see this over an over again with several other CrossFit gyms we screen print for.

CrossFit merchandise and types of garments:

Over the years, printing for a certain niche you tend to learn a lot about them in regards to what they do and do not like. What I have learned about CrossFit members is that they LOVE to order Triblend t-shirts. I am not sure if it is because it absorbs sweat well, or doesn’t shrink to much, but they love it. We’ve printed for CrossFit gyms in Brooklyn New York, Queens New York even printed for gyms in Thailand and Israel and they always choose the Triblend shirts.

screen printing brooklyn screen printing brooklyn screen printing brooklyn screen printing brooklyn screen printing brooklyn screen printing brooklynThey order frequently:

For the CrossFit gym when they sell shirts to their members, they not only advertise but also fundraise in a way. Figure they order a shirt from their screen printing company at $7-$10 per shirt and sell it for $20 to each member. They can make almost $1,000 for 100 members, which is awesome money! So because they know their members love to wear the gear, they always come up with new designs and new ideas. This way the members are always buying the new merchandise.

How can you go about ordering custom CrossFit T-Shirts?

It’s pretty simple actually. If you own a CrossFit gym you want to first come up with a design, or idea based on your gym’s theme. I’ve seen a lot of designs based on barbells, cattle bells and horses, all are related to power and strength. The next step would be to find a screen printing company that prints custom CrossFit t-shirts and apparel.  Simply go to Google and type in Screen Printing Companies Near Me, look through the results and I am sure that one of those companies can handle your job. After that, let them mock it up for you on a line-sheet, this way you can post it around in your gym and online. This will allow you to collect preorders and save money when ordering. Place your order, wait a little bit of time to allow the gear to be printed, and Walla you have some CrossFit gear!

T-Shirt Printing For Construction Companies Around Brooklyn

T-Shirt Printing In Brooklyn: Construction Companies

If you are a screen printer, work for a screen printing company, or looking to get into the t-shirt printing field I would defiantly advise you to target some construction companies. Gaining a customer who has a company in the construction, plumbing, electric, or even pest control field is in fact gaining a repeating customer – They just keep ordering. Also, when they order, the t-shirts and hoodies they design are so simple and easy to print, it’s a no brainer.

Order large amounts:

Think about it in the eyes of a contractor; They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth and throw on some clothes. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make sure those clothes, specifically the t-shirt and sweatshirt have some kind of advertisement printed on them? So contractors order t-shirts, hoodies and various other apparel screen printed with their logo and information on them. Now figure this contractor is the owner of the company and he has 15 employees working for him, he would of course want all 15 of these employees wearing the company branded uniforms. This way he just multiplied his exposure by 15 times! So suppose he now has to order at least one t-shirt and hoodie for every day of the week, time the 15 employees he has working for him – that’s over 200 pieces being printed!

Repeated orders:

The thing I love with contractors and owners of construction companies is how many times they come back and order from you. Why do I say this you may ask? Well the reason is because they fire and hire employees very frequently. Lets just say and employee received 7 hoodies and 7 t-shirts, but quit two weeks into working – you aren’t going to take his uniform back from him. In addition, think about how much dirt is going to be accumulated on the garments. The employees are dealing with construction materials on a daily basis and either dirty, or damage their uniforms pretty frequently. As a result the contractor tends to order uniforms pretty frequently.

Simple and easy designs:

t-shirt printing brooklyn t-shirt printing nycWe’ve screen printed t-shirts and other apparel for many contractors over the years and I can tell you that most of them are a pleasure to deal with, easy going and almost always choose a very basic design. Isn’t it every screen printers dream to have an order for 72-144 shirts with a front left chest and a full back using black ink? I’ve printed so many jobs where the shirts are safety green, or safety orange with black ink front and back. Another common color combination is navy colored t-shirts with white ink front and back, again very simple and easy to print, as you can see in the image to the right. Once in a while through, you will get the once customer who has a really nice and intricate design with 3-4 colors that need to be printed. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, god for bid we love every customer the same way, I am just pointing out that not all orders are as easy to print.

The Brooklyn t-shirt printing industry has vastly grown over the year and much of the business being distributed around the screen printing companies is coming from contractors, electricians, plumbers and exterminators. If you live in Brooklyn New York, or even around the Tri-State area, contact us today for your free and easy quote – we would love to screen print your next custom apparel order!

Screen Printing T-Shirts & Hoodies For Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s: Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn Screen Printing Company: Bar & Bat Mitzvah T-Shirt Orders

Of the many types of custom apparel orders t-shirt screen printers get daily, I would say printing garments for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 etc. is the most no brainer easy money makers.

Keep in mind parents love their kids and would do anything for their kids, including spending money. So when it comes time to make a huge party and invite all of your child’s friends – your’e not letting your guests leave empty handed. You might send them off with a nice custom printed t-shirts, printed towel, embroidered paid of socks, or even a unique custom hoodie. And where do you turn to get these custom printed apparel? We’ll if you live near me, you go to a Brooklyn screen printing company, sit with a customer service rep, describe what you would like and get it printed. But the question is what if you live on a remote part of Texas or Arkansas that doesn’t have a screen printing shop every 2-3 miles (like here in New York). You either search online for a “screen printing company near me”, or search for a company who can take your order over the web, print the goods and ship them right to you.

So let’s say you go with the option of finding an online company to handle your order. The biggest one out on the web that I am familiar with is CustomInk, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I do not like them. They tend to overcharge for their printing, they take too long and take advantage of their customers. You might want to look for a smaller screen printing company which has an online presence and a design software online so you can upload your design and place an order.

t-shirt screen printing nycNow in regards to what you should order and what design to do, this all depends on your budget. My personal suggestion, save your money since the kids will only end up wearing them as pajamas. But on the other hand, your child might want to stand out amongst his or her classmates and they will nudge you just enough, so you will have to spend some money. Try to go with a nice design, but limit it to less amounts of locations being imprinted as well as less amounts of colors being imprinted. This will save you on the printing cost of each garment. In addition, don’t choose a crazy expensive type of garments, you do not need to hand out Next Level Apparel, or Bella Canvas Apparel t-shirts to kids who are 13 years old. You rather off giving then a basic Gildan t-shirt that they will wear once and put away for pajamas.

Regardless of what type what type of event you are planning, there will always be a need for custom printed apparel. So with that said, choose the garments and designs wisely and try not to spend too much money, otherwise you will be doing the same for your second and third child. If your looking for a t-shirt printing company in Brooklyn, or a screen printing company that serves all of the United States, we are here to help!

Screen Printing NYC T-Shirts For A Retail Store In Manhattan

Screen Printing NYC T-Shirts: Retail Stores

If you are a screen printer, or looking to enter into the screen printing industry, a good place to start off is with retail stores. The reason I say this is because retail stores, if they are successful, order many SKUs and constantly order. It can be once a week five different t-shirt designs and 144 pieces of each, or can be once a month 5 SKUs and 1,000 pieces of each. Either way, I don’t have to tell you that it is a great business and retail stores are great customers. There are some upsides and some downsides when selling to retail stores though.

When you are selling t-shirts, or even other apparel to retail stores you might come across some obstacles along the process. To start, if the store is part of a chain and has many stores in the chain you will be facing the pricing problem. You might regularly sell a t-shirt with a single color print for $5-$7 and now they want is for $4-$5 per shirt. With a price cut like that one must think twice if they really want to cut into that market. Another obstacle might be production time on order. Larger companies and chain stores usually put a cancel day on the purchase orders, where if the goods are not shipped by this date don’t ship them at all! You might normally take 7-10 days to complete and order for your customers, now they tell you they need their PO’s completed within 5-6 days. In addition to price cut and turn around time, you will sometimes get the customer who wants his goods packed and shipped a certain way, a way that is way different than you are currently shipping orders. They can tell you that they want the order split into 10 cases for example and each case will have 24 t-shirts in a certain size breakdown. They might also want you to apply their shipping label on the outside of each carton in order for their receiving process to become more streamline. These are all reasons why screen printers might have to think twice about working with larger chains and retail stores.

screen printing nyc t shirtOn the other hand, you will be getting LOTS of orders and these order will be consistent. It might be that on your slow months, typically it is slow for screen printers between December and February, might turn into your best months. Remember, stores do not work on the same schedule as schools and organizations do, so where schools are off for winter break in December, a store might need to place order with you in order to have their t-shirts in stock for the holiday season. Some retail stores might start out ordering small and might explode into ordering larger amounts after just a few years in business, like Nothing Too Fancy. Another upside to working with retail stores might be an opportunity to put your brand onto the market. You might have a brand that you are trying to sell or promote, but it is impossible to find customers who would buy it. Let the retail do the work of getting the customer, while you take on the job of getting the t-shirts printed.

Here is a little something we are currently screen printing for a retail store in Manhattan New York. It’s a pretty simple and elegant design that is now being displayed in front of millions of people and is constantly being reordered by the retailer. Our screen printing company in NYC has a great design staff and a wonderful team to print the merchandise. We invite you to reach out to us if you are in the retail industry, or just want to get shirts into your store.