Screen Printing & Donald Trump: It’s Election Year

Brooklyn, NYOctober 26, 2016

It’s election year and most people are glued to their TV’s trying to figure out who the next president will be. Since it’s a very serious topic, who can blame these people – but does anyone else find the humor in the elections this time around? The Donald versus Hillary? Wow what has this country come too.

Donald Trump, built an empire of real estate that started in Brooklyn New York,  is now worth billions of dollars. He is not a politician, not even remotely and is now running offer the highest office in the United States (some might say the world)!

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, also worth tons of money and is the wife of former president Bill Clinton. If it wasn’t for all the lying, and corruptness coming from her and her email scandal, maybe people would trust her more.

So since the election is going downhill regardless of who’s elected, why not poke some fun at the candidates. Search around the internet, some of the stuff there is amazing. Check out Donald Trump T-Shirts, or Hillary Clinton T-Shirts, they have so many different variations of comedic t-shirts. They are meant to poke fun of the other candidate and are probably going to fade out soon. But what the heck, might as well grab one while it’s still possible.

If you can’t find any online, try making your own with your local screen printing company. Type in something like Screen Printing NYC into Google, pick a printer and print up a batch – sell them to friends and neighbors.