Brooklyn Screen Printing Company: Bar & Bat Mitzvah T-Shirt Orders

Of the many types of custom apparel orders t-shirt screen printers get daily, I would say printing garments for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 etc. is the most no brainer easy money makers.

Keep in mind parents love their kids and would do anything for their kids, including spending money. So when it comes time to make a huge party and invite all of your child’s friends – your’e not letting your guests leave empty handed. You might send them off with a nice custom printed t-shirts, printed towel, embroidered paid of socks, or even a unique custom hoodie. And where do you turn to get these custom printed apparel? We’ll if you live near me, you go to a Brooklyn screen printing company, sit with a customer service rep, describe what you would like and get it printed. But the question is what if you live on a remote part of Texas or Arkansas that doesn’t have a screen printing shop every 2-3 miles (like here in New York). You either search online for a “screen printing company near me”, or search for a company who can take your order over the web, print the goods and ship them right to you.

So let’s say you go with the option of finding an online company to handle your order. The biggest one out on the web that I am familiar with is CustomInk, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I do not like them. They tend to overcharge for their printing, they take too long and take advantage of their customers. You might want to look for a smaller screen printing company which has an online presence and a design software online so you can upload your design and place an order.

t-shirt screen printing nycNow in regards to what you should order and what design to do, this all depends on your budget. My personal suggestion, save your money since the kids will only end up wearing them as pajamas. But on the other hand, your child might want to stand out amongst his or her classmates and they will nudge you just enough, so you will have to spend some money. Try to go with a nice design, but limit it to less amounts of locations being imprinted as well as less amounts of colors being imprinted. This will save you on the printing cost of each garment. In addition, don’t choose a crazy expensive type of garments, you do not need to hand out Next Level Apparel, or Bella Canvas Apparel t-shirts to kids who are 13 years old. You rather off giving then a basic Gildan t-shirt that they will wear once and put away for pajamas.

Regardless of what type what type of event you are planning, there will always be a need for custom printed apparel. So with that said, choose the garments and designs wisely and try not to spend too much money, otherwise you will be doing the same for your second and third child. If your looking for a t-shirt printing company in Brooklyn, or a screen printing company that serves all of the United States, we are here to help!

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